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D?ff?r?n??? between 2D 3D ?nd 4D Ultr???und technology

On? of th? m??t exciting ???????n? for ?x???t?nt ??r?nt? w?ll likely b? the v?r? f?r?t t?m? th?t they take a l??k ?t th??r ?h?ld with th? ??d ?f ?n ultr???und. But commonly th? ???tur?? are u?u?ll? dark and t?ugh for th? untr??n?d ??? to d????h?r. But ?n r???nt ???r? 3D ?nd 4D ?l??t?v? ultrasound has gr?wn to b? fashionable ?nd widely ?v??l?bl? t? those folks wh? want t? h?v? a m?r? life-like ?m?g? of their unb?rn ?h?ld. Prenatal ultr???und is th? u?? of high frequency ??und w?v?? th?t go through th? ?bd?m?n by u??ng a transducer t? m?k? a video or ?m?g? ?f th? b?b? ?r babies.

Ultrasounds, also known ?? sonograms, ?r? a m?d???l test which u??? h?gh fr?qu?n?? sound waves t? produce a ???tur? ?f th? ?rg?n? in th? b?d?. In ?r?gn?n??, ultr???und? ?r? u??d t? ?r?du?? ?n ?m?g? ?f the fetus. A???rd?ng t? the Am?r???n Pr?gn?n?? A??????t??n, there ?r? ??v?n types of ultrasounds: transvaginal, ?t?nd?rd (2 d?m?n???n?l ?r 2D), ?dv?n??d (t?rg?t?ng a ?????f?? issue ?f concern), f?t?l ??h???rd??gr??h? (???????ng the h??rt), Doppler, 3D ?nd 4D (?l?? known as “dynamic” 3D b???u?? ?t f??u??? ?n the f??? and fetal m?v?m?nt?). Ultr???und? are usually d?n? in ?rd?r to keep tr??k of th? pregnancy and t? ensure that th? baby is safe and h??lth?. 3D Ultr???und and 4D Ultr???und? h?v? g??n?d a l?t ?f ???ul?r?t? with ?x???t?ng parents.

2D Ultr???und T??hn?l?g?

A 2D ultr???und ?? th? ?r???dur? th?t ??u'll h?v? d?n? ?? ??rt ?f your ?r?n?t?l care which makes bl??k ?nd white ???tur??. Th?? ?????f?? ultr???und ?? ?rd?n?r?l? u??d t? hear the unb?rn b?b?’? heartbeat ?nd ?l?? ascertain gender. H?v?ng ???d th?t ?t ??n ?l?? b? u??d t? und?r?t?nd h?w f?r ?l?ng ??u ?r? in ??ur ?r?gn?n?? ?? w?ll ?? ?x?m?n? any k?nd of ?????bl? b?rth defects. It's most often ??ndu?t?d at 20 w??k? ?t wh??h t?m? th? physician w?ll w?nt to v?r?f? the ?v?r?ll h??lth ?f th? ?l???nt?, that ?t? ??nn??t?d n?rm?ll? ?nd that th? f?tu? is gr?w?ng nicely inside th? womb. Dur?ng this t?m? period, ??u ??n ?lm??t always d????v?r th? unborn b?b??? sex, ???um?ng th? little one cooperates.

3D Ultr???und T??hn?l?g?

3D ultrasound ?? th? ??m? t??hn?l?g? as 2D but rather sends ?ut ??und w?v?? from mult??l? d?r??t??n? ?nd thu? makes a l?f?-l?k? representation th?t ????l? shows you th? fetus ?h?r??t?r??t???.

4D Ultrasound Technology

Once m?r?,  4D ultr???und ?? th? ??m? t??hn?l?g? as 2D ?nd 3D, but an ?rr?? of ?h?t? ?? ???tur?d ??nt?nu?u?l? showing r??l time v??u?l? of th? b?b?. It’s sort ?f a w?nd?w directly into th? w?mb where one can see th? l?ttl? one moving ?b?ut, ?????bl? ??wn?ng ?r ?u?k?ng its thumb.

Sonography h?? been ?m?l???d since th? 1950? ?nd b? means of ?xt?n??v? ?n?l???? has b??n ?r?v?n r??k-fr??. L?k? 2D ultr???und, 3D/4D d??? n?t m?k? use ?f ?rr?d??t??n l?k? an x-r??. There ?r? n? harmful ?ff??t? on you ?r baby.

3D/4D ultr???und? ?r? t?????ll? ?l??t?v? ?r???dur?? wh??h ?r? conducted b? ??????l?z?d ?h??? ?nd aren't r???mm?nd?d dur?ng ??ur basic ?r?n?t?l ??r?. Thus 3D/4D ??n?gr?m? t?????ll? ?r? not paid for b? ?n?ur?n?? ?l?n? unless considered medically necessary b? the doctor. The b??t time to get a 3D/4D ultrasound ?? b?tw??n 24-36 weeks. The l?ng?r ??u d?l?? th? m?r? ??ur ?h?ld w?ll gr?w ?nd fill out g?v?ng you a v??w ?f b?b?’? ?ttr?but??.

A large number ?f ultrasound b?ut?qu?? l?t ??u to br?ng f?m?l? and fr??nd? t? ?h?r? th? ?x??r??n?? ?nd t? have a glimpse of th? n?w??t f?m?l? member. Th? ultrasound ?h?uld d?f?n?t?l? b? a w?nd?rful ?x??r??n?? that ??u'r? g??ng to value.