Early Gender Determination at 9 Weeks By DNA Test 
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Gender Reveal in Boynton Beach, FL

*Gender Reveal at 14 weeks pregnancy for $59.00*

Discover Your Baby's Gender

Experience the joy of seeing your new addition grow and learn the gender prior to your delivery date with digital videos to see in real time and to share with family. Our prenatal ultrasound studio is the place to turn to for gender reveals in Boynton Beach, Florida. We also offer limited, elective diagnostic prenatal 2D, 3D, and 4D ultrasounds.

Ultrasound Packages

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  DNA Test
DNA Test
Fast Track
Gender reveal Sneak Peek Option 1 Sneak Peek Option 2 Rock the Bump Twice the Blessing Watch Me Grow!
Packages $129 $149 $59 $79 $89 $139 $179 $259
Length Of Ultrasound - - 10 Minutes 10 Minutes 10 Minutes 20 - 25 Minutes 10 - 15 Minutes Two 10 - 15 Minute; One 25 - 30 Minute Sessions
Number of Sessions Included - - 1 1 1 1 2 3
2D Session - - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3D & 4D Session - - No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gender Determination / Verification - - Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
See & Hear Your Baby's Heartbeat Live - - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CD With 3D Images - - No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
DVD With 4D Video Set To Lullaby Music - - No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of Printed Photos - - 1 1 1 3 4 Each Session 4 Each Session
Keepsake Buddy - - $30 Optional Included $30 Additional $30 Additional $30 Additional Included
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*If the baby doesn't cooperate in the first visit, then we give you the option for your second visit to be free.*

Ultrasound Features

We offer complimentary features with your ultrasound session. All of our packages include a limited diagnostic ultrasound, with extra features to enjoy:

• A Narrated Event for All To Enjoy!
• See and Hear Your Baby's Heartbeat Live
• A Copyright Release To Reprint Unlimited Images
• A Special Discount for Participation In Cord Blood Banking Through the Cord Blood Registry®
• A Similac® Goodie Bag for Mom-To-Be
• Sonostream LIVE™ Availability
• Special Discount At Molded Moments
• $50 Off At Baby and Kids Furniture

Package Upgrades

Our Keepsake Heartbeat Recorder and What's The Bump Gender Reveal Game can be added to any package you buy. The cost is $15 each.

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